RMMWA recent releases

New Release: Tracking Game

Margaret Mizushima is thrilled to announce the November 12th release of Tracking Game, her fifth Timber Creek K-9 mystery. Library Reads named Tracking Game a Top Pick for November 2019, and Booklist said this about it: “Whether one likes stories about conflict or relationships, there’s something for everybody in Mizushima’s fine novel.” Tracking Game can be found wherever books are sold.

New Release: The Blue Pearl

The Blue Pearl by L.J. Martin will be released on 10/23/19.
There’s nothing like a relaxing cruise to reinvigorate tired bones…soak up the sun, lots of drinks with those little umbrellas, a little body-guarding. What could go wrong? That is, until Al Shabaab decides a hundred American women would be worth a C130 full of gold. From the sea to the Sahara, from a cruise to a crusade, Mike Reardon should have known he’d end up downrange in the sights of bloodthirsty suicidal terrorists. And it’s not bad enough they’ve taken his new friends, but they’ve ripped away the young singing sensation he’s paid to guard and his new girl—now it’s personal. It’s time to get serious. From London to Lisbon to the Mediterranean it’s smooth sailing, but Algeria and Libya is another thing altogether. While the White House and State Department negotiate, Reardon retaliates. Lead flies, and Mike vows to come back with the women, or not at all. 

Robert D. Hughes’ New Release Dirty Money

Robert D. Hughes’ latest novel, Dirty Money, was released August 8th. This is the second in the Brian and Darcy McKay series of thrillers. College student Darcy and her uncle, ex-FBI agent Brian, risk their lives as they investigate the murder of Darcy’s boyfriend in the office of a corrupt Chicago mega-company. A string of killings by a greedy and twisted cabal of corporate gangsters at Belcoe, Inc ensues. The McKays follow the evidence to Belcoe’s spectacular Montana ranch, where they face off against a squad of goons, a homicidal cop, a malevolent corporate bigwig and a runaway arson fire.

Lise McClendon’s New Release A Bolt from the Blue

Lise McClendon announced the launch of the ninth installment in her Bennett Sisters Mystery series, A Bolt from the Blue, on August 1. The book takes the sisters back to Paris and southwest France when one sister, Francie, tags along with her boyfriend to help him with a difficult client. Axelle Fourcier left France after the student protests of 1968, vowing never to return. She made a life for herself as a professor in the US. But now a beloved aunt has died and she must return to deal with the inheritance shared with a cousin she never knew. A Belle Époque apartment full of priceless artworks is just the start of the intrigue. Available in e-book or paperback (audiobook coming soon.) Read more at lisemcclendon.com

Lise will be talking about mysteries and more at this year’s Montana Book Festival in Missoula, on Sunday, September 15. Check the schedule.