By Mark Stevens

I went to get my oil changed in my car recently and I received three emails within a week asking me to fill out an online survey about my “experience.”

Then, a similar request came in the mail.

If we spent all day giving everyone feedback, we might not doing anything else.

So…..why am I writing?

No, not for feedback.

(Um, yes, I lied. I’m writing to ask for feedback. Well, an opinion or two. Consider me the unreliable narrator.)

Anyway, the RMMWA board asked for opinions earlier this year and the one clear request from members was that the presentations at our monthly meetings feature professionals in the field of criminology.

So in 2017 we are starting with a former FBI agent (January 12), an expert in human trafficking (February 9) and an expert in aviation security (March 9).  More details will be available on the RMMWA website,

I know the whole board is open to more ideas for the rest of 2017. Yes, we do want to hear from you.

Drop us line, let us know, come to the meetings and help us brainstorm.

Hey, if you’re researching your next book and want an expert to come discuss a certain topic, maybe RMMWA can help.


Also, RMMWA is planning to stay busy and active through the summer beginning in 2017.  (No more three-month “break.”)

One of these may be a social gathering along the Front Range in Colorado, like the fantastic scavenger hunt we had in August in Castle Rock.

But we are also open to holding workshops of any variety throughout our region. Wyoming? Utah? Montana? New Mexico?

We will begin planning in January when the RMMWA board meets on Jan. 7.

Again, your ideas are welcome. We’d love to hear from you.

Have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.