Members’ Websites

Below is a list of the members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. Links are provided to member websites, and Active (published) members’ names are bolded.

Charlene Dietz
Catherine Dilts
Laura DiSilverio
Caroline Dow
Warwick Downing
Gerald Elias
Tom Farrell
Stephen M. Fetters
Kathleen A. Finch
Alice Sullivan Finlay
Gwen Florio
Barbara Frakes
Laurence A. Giliotti
Julie Kerr Gines
Danielle Girard
Christine Goff
Karen Graffenberger
Barbara Graham
Chuck Greaves
Robert O. Greer
Skye Griffith
Kerry Hammond
Warren Hammond
Mette Ivie Harrison
LS Hawker

Barbara Sloan-Hendershott
Marlene Henderson
Charlotte Hinger
Sue Hinkin
Ken Hodgson
Robert D. Hughes
Linda Joffe Hull