The next RMMWA monthly meeting will be held January 11th, 2024 as a live interactive meeting via Zoom. Please join us as retired police sergeant Patrick O’Donnell discusses Verbal Judo.

The online meeting will start at 7:00 PM MST. Members will receive the meeting link via email. Non-members, please send an email to to request access.

Meeting Program:

The Evolution of Verbal Judo, Tactical Communications, and De Escalation

Sergeant Patrick O’Donnell (retired)

Portrait of Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell is a retired police sergeant with 25 years experience with the city of Milwaukee Police Department. During his police career he was exclusively on the street in patrol and he participated and supervised different special units (anti-gang unit, licensed premise unit, violent crime task force, and armed robbery unit), as both a police officer and later as a sergeant. O’Donnell supervised or participated in the investigations of hundreds of homicides, sexual assaults, and robberies. 

O’Donnell is now the author of nine books, including police procedurals and the Cops and Writers reference guides. His last four books in the Brew City Blues series are collaborations with Michael Anderle and is now working solo on another crime fiction series.

He hosts the Cops and Writers Podcast as well as co-hosts the Writers Ink Podcast. In addition to podcasting, well as a podcaster, he’s a screenwriting technical consultant, and organizer of the Cop Camp conference.

O’Donnell’s Cops and Writers Facebook group that is 6,500 members strong has members of law enforcement from around the globe answering crime writer’s police procedural questions.

O’Donnell lives in Wisconsin with his wife and ten-pound Rat Terrier/ Chihuahua mix that thinks he is a German Shepard. He has four kids and one adorable granddaughter.

In his spare time, he works out almost every day and enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, smoking an occasional cigar with friends while they solve world problems and traveling.