Photo of Barb Bathrick

Barb was born in Houston, Texas, grew up in the Rocky Mountain regions of Wyoming and Colorado and has family ties to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an eclectic blend of the Gulf coast, the mountain outdoors and Steeler Country’s rolling western Pennsylvania hills. From childhood she loved books and writing stories. In elementary school she wrote plays and stories for the school newspaper, but when her mother gave her the Nancy Drew Mystery, “Password to Larkspur Lane”, the mystery bug bit. From that moment on the mystery genre and the desire to write mysteries became a part of her life. Her first venture into this arena was at age eleven when she wrote a series of mysteries, “The Ruth Starc Mysteries” published on notebook paper and her following was her family. These early stories still occupy a drawer in her study.

Barb graduated from the University of Denver with a history degree and a minor in secondary education. She became a middle school history teacher. There is a bit of mystery in that age group. While teaching she created learning activities for students to research and explore the mysteries in history. When asked to also teach literature she developed a unit around old radio shows. Barb wrote the scripts, all mysteries of course, and had the students fill the roles of directors, actors, and sound effects.

With marriage and motherhood, writing took a bit of a back seat at times. Barb still feels being a mom is the best, that is next to being a grandmother, that is tops. It didn’t bother her that her writing at this time was sporadic. She knew that the excitement of creating a mystery story was what really captivated her and that wasn’t going away. She managed to write a short mystery series about a private investigator surrounded by an array of humorous “helpers”. She also explored writing poetry, short thrillers and some historical fiction. However, the cozy mystery of amateur sleuths finding themselves in sinister predicaments surrounded by odd and lighthearted characters appealed to her personality.  After some uninformed and clumsy attempts to have her work published, she realized that the biggest mystery she encountered was how to get educated in the field of writing and publishing. That these stories that were filling her study drawer had more life in them and she had more to experience and contribute to this writing world. Then she found RMMWA, and the clues started to fall into place and the mystery started to clear.

Barb’s new series presently in the works is “The Sister’s Mysteries”. She is presently querying the first book, “Murder Most Botanical”. The series centers around Kate Hunter, botany and garden expert who finds herself and her sister-in-law Carol Hunter involved in a bizarre murder connected to a laboratory poison derived from hemlock. I am also working on the second book in the series, “Leaves of Three Let Them Be”.


This organization is not just a writing association, it is a group of wonderful people. People who are limitless in acceptance, encouragement, support, friendship and knowledge. It does not matter where you are in your writing journey, you are part of the RMMWA family. Since becoming active I have also become a member of RMFW, attended Sisters in Crime, Colorado Gold and been a former runner up in the Six Word Mystery Contest. I am on the second work in my new series. This is because of the support and friendship that has been shown to me as a member of RMMWA. The magic is not so much about getting published but about sharing your creativity and excitement with others.  Doors are opening in my writing future. Doors that did not know existed. It is not about getting published but about sharing the love of mysteries and the love of writing. No more stories idling in the desk drawer. I thank you my friends at RMMWA and my desk drawer thanks you too.