by Steve Pease

Steve Pease Author Photo

We are Fellow Travelers on a similar journey through the cultural wasteland. Others have been there before us; others are nearer to us. Experience is traded. Lessons learned are loaned. Successes are shared. We warn each other about the beasts, the pitfalls and the unfriendlies. Possible solutions are flagged, routes to better days.

Our Fellow Travelers are familiar because they are like us. Whether they are ahead or behind us on this mysterious trail, they are like us and we can open up, share, learn, navigate, plot and plan. And we will discover new possibilities we never knew existed.

In these Zoom-ish days, we can do it in the comfort of our own writing cave. We can wear pajama bottoms with that dress shirt if we want to. Just a few clicks away and this invitation-only world comes to us.

We are not alone. We can gain motivation. We can find out where secrets are buried.  We have to do our own digging, but someone just might point out the X in the sand. RMMWA is like that. Non-competitive, supportive, even nurturing if that’s what you need. All you need to do is to join, step out, and begin.


Steve Pease writes short stories in the noir, Steampunk, Diesel, suspense, horror, SF, and Romantic Suspense sub-genres under his fiction pseudonym Michael Chandos. His PI mystery, “West Texas BBQ,” was nominated for a Macavity Award in 2020. He is a working private investigator, licensed in two States.