by Barbara Nickless

Barbara NIckless author photo

Like many writers, I am naturally an introvert. Which works out well, most of the time. We usually best find our words when we’re alone with our thoughts. (Although we may have to be generous with our concept of ‘alone,’ especially during a pandemic when kids and spouses are home with us.)

But even the most determined introverts long for occasional company, and for me, RMMWA provides that company par excellence. At the first meeting I attended long ago, I was immediately welcomed, offered encouragement, and given sage advice. The sheer amount of knowledge and experience sitting in the room every month (or joining in on Zoom), is astonishing. The monthly guest speakers add tremendously to that body of knowledge. If you want to learn about law enforcement, ballistics, forensics—all things crime—you’ll find it here.

The most wonderful thing about this group is, quite simply, their kindness. After I lost my home in a wildfire, members of RMMWA (along with National) gathered around me, supported me, and helped me find my way back. The same thing happened after a recent family tragedy. I cannot express how grateful I am for these wonderful people who think nothing of helping out a newbie while cheerfully discussing over dinner how best to get away with murder.


Barbara Nickless is the #1 Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the award-winning Sydney Parnell crime novels. The series has been optioned for television. Barbara’s essays and short stories have appeared in Writer’s Digest, Criminal Element, Penguin Random House, and other markets. She also teaches creative writing to veterans at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.