by Becky Clark

Beck Clark portrait

I belong to a lot of writing organizations and RMMWA is one of my favorites. Not just because so many of my friends are here (although that’s a huge plus!), but also because it’s one of those places where no matter what, if I stick out my hand asking for help, I absolutely know someone will grab it and pull me along, whether they know me personally or not. And this allows me to stick my hand back and pull someone else along when they need help or expertise that I have. Writing mysteries can be a lonely business, but with RMMWA, I know I can do it by myself without doing it alone.


Award-winning author Becky Clark is the seventh of eight kids, which explains both her insatiable need for attention and her atrocious table manners. She likes to read funny books so it felt natural to write them too. She writes the Mystery Writer’s Mysteries, the Crossword Mysteries, the Dunne Diehl novels, and Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel—Write Faster, Write Better, Be More Organized.