Our Song, Memento Mori cover art

PG Lengsfelder’s psychological suspense novel Our Song, Memento Mori is available from (Woodsmoke Publishing.

Faith and absolution have escaped him. Will this priest’s probe into a dark mystery bring redemption… or death?

Father Jamie “Blu” Bluterre struggles with addiction, and his career hangs by a thread. Ordered to conduct an inquiry into a heroic firefighter’s attempted suicide, he believes it’s his final chance to find salvation. And though he’s initially convinced this is a mere exercise in dogma, he’s stunned when his investigation reveals that dark forces want the comatose fireman dead.

Facing hostility from the hero’s coworkers and family, the troubled priest finds that persuading doctors not to pull the plug is only half the battle. Because as he slowly unearths evidence of shocking crimes, his metaphysical instincts may be his last hope for keeping them both alive.

Will Father Blu’s quest for forgiveness come at a fatal price?

In addition to the new novel, Lengsfelder’s short story “Amidst the Effervescing Hemlock” was published in November’s issue of Frontier Tales. In a hastily built 1879 Montana mining town, selected townsfolk are meeting grizzly deaths, and Abraham, the village cobbler, might be next. As the murderous patterns start to become clear to him—and with little power except his craftsmanship—will Abraham be able to take down the burgeoning hate group infecting the town?