by Sue Hinkin

In a solitary endeavor such as fiction writing, the importance of involving oneself with fellow travelers in a writer’s community like RMMWA helps keep you motivated, provides inspiration, affords the opportunity to improve your knowledge base though informative presentations and networking with experts in the field, helps the writer understand trends in the publishing industry and demystifies the dynamic world of author marketing. And the most important aspect of membership in RMMWA is that I’ve become a better writer, a published author, who’s even won a few awards. None of this would have happened without the encouragement and support from this amazing group of storytellers and truly stellar people whom I now count as friends.

Raised in Chicago, Sue Hinkin is a former college teacher and administrator, TV news photographer, and NBC-TV art department manager. She was a Cinematography Fellow at the American Film Institute. Her debut novel, Deadly Focus, a thriller featuring Los Angeles TV news journalist Bea Middleton and photographer, Lucia Vega, was a 2018 International Book Award finalist. The second book in the series, a Reader’s Choice award winner and a Silver Falchion finalist, is Low Country Blood set in Savannah, Georgia. The Burn Patient was released mid-pandemic and The Mermaid Brokers will be released April 1, 2021—hopefully, post-pandemic! See more at Hinkin now lives in Littleton, Colorado.