Please join us for the Rocky Mountain MWA Holiday Party, which will be held via Zoom on December 10, starting at 6:30 p.m. We’ll be announcing the winners of the Six Word Mystery Contest and playing a mystery game called Death on the Menu. Test your skill in solving this fun Whodunit! Nonmembers may request the Zoom link by sending an email to

Party Agenda:

  • 6:30-7:00 Announcements, Introductions, and News
  • 7:00 Mystery Minute by ZJ Czupor
  • 7:10 Announce Winners in the Six Word Mystery Contest
  • 7:25 Program—Death on the Menu, a mystery game

Program:  Death on the Menu

RMMWA’s authors weren’t happy they couldn’t host their annual holiday party with their favorite author and publishing friends in 2020, and, per Denver’s strict social gathering requirements, were forced to gather via Zoom. Smokin’ Scarlet, however, decided to go rogue, and invited four of her best author friends who write different genres to a small party hosted in her Aunt Agatha’s mansion while she was away. She asked each of the guests to wear a mask that best represented their genre, and bring his or her own drink and an appetizer for their own consumption to remain safe.

The party was going well, everyone keeping six feet apart, until HE crashed the event: Mean Mike, the local book critic and man authors love to hate. Mike makes it his mission to make authors miserable, and when he showed up—maskless—and took to munching the authors’ food and sipping their drinks, everyone at the party had a motive to wipe his mean, maskless face off the earth. So when he clutched his chest, turned blue, and died, all fingers pointed to those at the party.

Who killed Mean Mike?

From the clues provided in each author’s testimony, can you guess the color of mask each wore, the food and drink each brought, and what room they visited in the estate the night Mean Mike was murdered?  Then, given the clues, tell us who murdered Mean Mike?

To keep track of the clues, you can download this handy player form.

And if you are of legal drinking age, you might consider mixing a libation from our special drink menu for the party.