The results of the RMMWA’s annual Six-Word-Mystery Contest were  announced following the final voting at the chapter’s Mystery and Mistletoe event on Thursday, December 12. Congratulations to all winners, finalists and entrants!

The overall winner is:


36D, 44 magnum, 20 to life

By Jeffrey Lockwood

Finalists and winners for each category are:


Prize pumpkin grower found in patch.  By Jonathan Owen

A spot of tea, sickly sweet.  By Nana Herron

Cindy’s boyfriends sure don’t last long.  By John Stith

Peach clobber: a very authentic recipe.  By Jennifer Chow

Village chocolatier dies by Candy Crush.  By Sue Hinkin



36D, 44 magnum, 20 to life.  By Jeffrey Lockwood

Blondie kissed Max, fingered the mob.  By Margaret Mizushima

His bullets bought what money couldn’t.  By Matthew Porter

She killed him and slayed me.  By Jennifer Kincheloe

Smokey eye. Smoking gun. Ballistics matched.  By Neal Krawetz


Police Procedural

This ain’t my first rodeo clown.  By John Stith

Boyfriend suspected. Ballistics inspected. Murder detected.  By Geneva Bennett

Call came from inside the precinct.  By Cynthia Kuhn

Forgetful felon, fancy shoes, footprints identified.  By Karen Graffenberger

Unlocked dad’s phone. Found mum’s killer.  By VaibhavHassija



She claimed his heart, and collected.  By Nick Wilkes

“Give me the knife.” “Yes, Darling.” By Michael Munro

If he answers, pretend you’re robocalling.  By John Stith

One of her husbands is missing.  By Kristin Horton

Wasn’t your mustache black last night?  By John Stith



Brown eyes stay lovely in formaldehyde.  By Margaret Mizushima

Death is coming. I’m not going.  By Geri Hannah

He didn’t fear death until now.  By Veronica Meredith

I can walk home from here.  By Kristin Horton

The parachute packer dropped his knife.  By Rocky Macy