Bruce Most is pleased to announce the publication of his latest mystery, The Big Dive, sequel to the award-winning Murder on the Tracks. For the second time in Joe Stryker’s headline-grabbing police career, a partner is brutally slain in the line of duty . . . almost in front of Joe’s eyes. Set in 1951 Denver, Joe faces two baffling questions:  How did the killer pull off such a brazen murder? And why was Joe’s partner—a man so by-the-book that fellow cops scornfully nicknamed him “Saint Benedict”—murdered in the middle of burglarizing a pawnshop? To protect his dead partner’s reputation—and save his own career—Joe must operate in the shadows to discover the truth behind the unexplainable. All while dodging a homicide detective hell-bent to pin the crimes on Joe. Before he can answer the baffling questions and track down the brutal killer, Joe once again must risk his career, his marriage . . . and his life. The book is available in ebook and print from Amazon.