WHO CAN SUBMIT: Anyone 18 years or older.

WHAT TO SUBMIT: All submissions must be in English. Use only the keys on a standard, computer keyboard (upper/lower-case letters, numbers, punctuation, basic symbols). Emojis, special symbols and other images are not allowed. Use only grammatically plausible hyphenation; do not create compound words/phrases that would not normally be hyphenated (e.g., never-before-seen-assailant or gold-plated-butcher-knife). Use the “word count” feature on Word to determine the number of words, which must be exactly six.

WHEN TO SUBMIT: Entries open August 1, 2019. All entries must be received by midnight, October 31, 2019.

HOW TO SUBMIT: All entries must be submitted via online form through the RMMWA website. The entry fee is $6 to enter a mystery in one category or $10 to enter all five categories: Hard-boiled, Cozy, Thriller, Police Procedural, or a mystery with Romance & Lust. Be sure to place your category listing beside each entry. Any entry that is submitted without a category listing will be assigned a category by contest officials. Only five entries are allowed per $10 fee. If a writer wants to submit more than five entries, he/she must submit via the website and pay the additional fee of either $6 or $10 as noted above.

CONDITION OF SUBMISSION: The writer retains copyright of the work but gives RMMWA permission to publish the story on the Association’s website and newsletter and in the announcement of finalists and winners in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

JUDGING SUBMISSIONS: The winners (overall and in each category) will be decided in a two-step process. 1. A panel of well-published and highly respected judges will select the top 5 stories in each category. 2. The top stories in each category will be put on a ballot and the winner decided by voting by those attending the RMMWA Mystery & Mistletoe holiday party on December 12 in Denver, Colorado.

PRIZES: The overall winner will receive $100. Winners in each of the five mystery categories will receive $25 gift cards to the Tattered Cover Bookstore and classic crime noir film DVDs.