A full dinner is served at our evening meetings including non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and dessert. Beer and wine are available for sale.

Location: Colorado Auto Dealers Association, 290 E. Speer Blvd., Denver, 80203
Cocktail hour: 6:30, dinner 7 p.m. Program follows.

April 11 Meeting

Secrets of a Bail Bondsman

Do you have a character that needs to be bonded out of jail? Or a cop, lawyer, judge, or other characters that must interact with the bail bond system? Here’s your opportunity for a peek into the day-to-day life of a bail bond agent. How do agents land clients, how do they choose which potential clients to take on or turn down? What’s the process for bailing out a person? What if a client skips? What are the fees and how do agents determine collateral? What is their relationship with the rest of the judicial system? Our guide into this murky and controversial world will be one of Denver’s veteran bail bond agents, Dave “Red” Widhalm, owner of Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds, located on Denver’s Bail Bonds Row, a handcuffs throw from the Denver City Jail. He has many fascinating stories to tell us, so don’t miss it.