Congratulations to this year’s Finalists and Winners!

The Overall Contest Winner is:
She took his name. For starters.  (Matthew Porter)

Category Finalists and Winners are listed below: ** designates category winners.


**Auntie’s needles were not for knitting.  (Matthew Porter)
Was picture perfect. I framed him.  (Julie Kerr)
Ukulele club. Jealousy. Death by G-string.  (C.C. Harrison)
Wedding gown cheap. Red stain discount.  (Kris Neri)
Deserted island, our last breakfast together.  (Kristin Horton)


**Concrete boots replaced the blonde’s stilettos.  (Margaret Mizushima)
Stole her heart—and ate it.  (Julie Kerr)
Dog ate more than her homework.  (Julie Kerr)
She confessed. It wasn’t my baby.  (Vaibhab Hassija)
One gun. One bullet. Two dead.  (Geri Hannah)


**Autopsy couldn’t reveal his true heart.  (Matthew Porter)
Only witness to murder. Blind teacher.  (Vaibhav Hassija)
Cops unearth killer! Paperwork buries cop.  (Mo Walsh)
Always check the evidence room again.  (Cynthia Kuhn)
His sins blazed like luminol stars.  (Sue Hinkin)


**Crossed her heart. Helped him die.  (Julie Kerr)
“Choose. Him or me.” I chose.  (Stina Branson)
Here lies, my love: name unknown.  (Franz Margitza)
“He’s dead. Your place or mine?”  (Margaret Mizushima)
His smoldering kisses were ruled arson.  (Sue Hinkin)


**She took his name. For starters.  (Matthew Porter)
The diamond glittered like freedom. Irresistible.  (M.A. Monnin)
He raised his gun. I unloaded.  (Daniel Sanchez)
The microfilm reely tasted like treason.  (Jazz Lawless)
My neighbor smiled between the shades.  (Connor McCloskey)