September Meeting

RSVP by Monday, September 10

Price: RMMWA members $20, guests $25 Includes dinner and presentation
CADA, 290 E. Speer Blvd., Denver
As a consultant to films, authors, historians, and genealogy researchers, Police Sgt. Dean Christopherson will demystify the real grind and nitty gritty of real police work. In addition, Sgt. Christopherson will give us a history of law enforcement, procedures, and technology. He promises to answer as many questions as time allows.

“Much of the critical work to solve crimes is still done at an initial scene, just not so much by a patrol officer, but by a crew of highly trained specialists and detectives,” he said.

Sgt. Dean Christopherson has been with the Denver Police Department for 18+ years and has been the director of citizen police academies, founder of the Denver Police Museum, a patrol officer, field training officer, and community relations officer.

He worked as a narcotics agent for the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, where he was on the drug task force, worked as a K-9 handler and weapons instructor, and was involved in undercover investigations, the Special Response Unit, and assisting local agencies in criminal investigations.

He also has several years’ experience as a firefighter and arson investigator, and has moved into restaurant and nightclub operations, owning and operating two locations and developing several more.