By Z. J. Czupor

Before he writes a single word, he spends eight months outlining the story. His outlines are generally 150 pages long. Why? Because he wants the plots of his books, which usually include four or more subplots, to be perfectly choreographed. Then, he’s ready to write, working at it for eight hours a day– treating his writing–just like a plumber or lawyer looks at his or her profession.

First, he was a journalist, then a lawyer, a folksinger/writer, and finally a novelist.

To-date, he’s written 35 novels—many NY Times best sellers—and sold 50M books worldwide.

His books have sold in 150 countries.

Translated into more than 25 languages.

Three of his novels have been produced into films.

He has won dozens of major writing awards worldwide.

He’s written three collections of short stories.

Also, he wrote a nonfiction law book called, “The Complete Law School Companion.”

Oh, and his sister is the author of young adult novels.

The book that inspired him to be a writer? Ian Fleming’s “From Russia with Love.”

Interestingly, he’s only the second American author to write a James Bond novel in 2011 (Carte Blanche).

He was born near Chicago in 1950. He started writing suspense novels during the long commute to and from his office on Wall Street and in 1990 started writing full time.

Our mystery author once said, “One of the best things about being a novelist is the joy that comes from stepping into other people’s shoes.” His main characters have been a 16-year-old African American student, an elderly Asian immigrant, women, police snipers, and a quadriplegic.

As if he isn’t already prolific as a novelist, he has written the lyrics to a new country music album just recently released called “XO” based on the title of one of his novels. The first song on the album is called “Your Shadow,” and he says it might be a love song or it might be a stalker song.

Who is this internationally number-one bestselling author?

He’s the current president of Mystery Writers of America — Jeffery Deaver.

And, that’s your mystery minute.