Location: Colorado Auto Dealers Association, 290 E. Speer Blvd., Denver, 80203
Cocktail hour: 6:30, dinner 7 p.m. Program follows.

Speaker: Kathleen Donnelly
Program: The Crime Fighting Nose

Menu: Elements signature lasagna with salad & garlic bread. All meals are served with assorted desserts. Iced tea, water and coffee are included, beer and wine are available for sale. Vegetarian meal available upon request.

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Presentation description: We see them on television, read about them in books and see them in action at airports or traffic stops—the amazing K-9s. These dogs work in many different capacities from police and military work to finding cadavers to search and rescue and much more. Ever wonder about their training? What is it like living with a K-9 as a roommate? What does it look like when a dog alerts? This is your chance to see a narcotics K-9 in action and get your questions answered.

Kathleen will present with Willow, one of her Sherlock Hounds partners. During the presentation Kathleen will explain and demonstrate how she and her dogs go into schools and private businesses to help keep them safe. She’ll explain how the dogs are trained to detect illegal drugs in schools which include: marijuana, meth, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, gunpowder and alcohol. Kathleen will discuss the differences and similarities between her dogs and police K-9s, the ongoing Colorado state level rulings regarding dogs continuing to alert on marijuana and will answer any burning questions you have about K-9s. Willow will give a demonstration and show how well her crime fighting nose works.

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Kathleen Donnelly Bio: Passionate about animals and the outdoors, all of Kathleen’s interests end up in written form, one way or another. Her experiences being a part-owner and K-9 handler for Sherlock Hounds Detection Canines over the past 12 years play a major role in much of her writing. She is currently working on a mystery featuring a female protagonist who’s a K-9 handler for the National Forest Service, a manuscript that was named a finalist for a 2017 Claymore Award. Kathleen lives in Berthoud, Colorado with her husband and all their four-legged friends.

Willow Bio: Willow has been a K-9 for Sherlock Hounds Detection Canines the past two years. A rescue from Oklahoma, she loves keeping schools safe by sniffing out drugs, alcohol and gunpowder. Willow’s other passion is sitting by Kathleen’s desk and consulting on anything K-9 related Kathleen is writing. She lives in Berthoud, Colorado with her fellow drug dogs DJ, Gracie and retiree Sparky.