February 6, 2020 RMMWA Meeting (Note New Date!)

A full dinner is served at our evening meetings including non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and dessert. Beer and wine are available for sale.

Location: Colorado Auto Dealers Association, 290 E. Speer Blvd., Denver, 80203
Cocktail hour: 6:30, dinner 7 p.m. Program follows.

February 6th Meeting

Criminal Procedures In Law Enforcement

Sergeant Amy Wheeler


Sergeant Amy Wheeler of the Loveland Police Department will discuss Criminal Procedures. This program looks at law enforcement practices and authority with emphasis on statutory and case law. We will explore crime scene processing, search warrant requirements, and establishing probable cause. The program is designed to provide the attendee with practical knowledge on how the police do their jobs.


Sgt Amy Wheeler, Loveland PDSGT. AMY WHEELER – Bio

Sergeant Amy Wheeler is a 19-year veteran of law enforcement. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1999 from Mercer University prior to starting work as a patrol officer in a mid-sized municipal police department in Georgia. At the Macon Police Department she worked as a patrol officer, field training officer, general instructor, domestic violence investigator, property crime investigator, patrol sergeant, administrative sergeant, crime scene investigator, and retiring from that department as a patrol lieutenant. She moved to Colorado late 2014 after earning a Master of Science in Public Safety Leadership degree also from Mercer University. She started with the Loveland Police Department in early 2015 going back to patrol, which she loves. In 2017, she was promoted to sergeant and currently serves as the Professional Standards Unit Sergeant. She is a graduate of the 2001 Georgia Police Corps program, the 2014 IACP Women’s Leadership Institute, and attended the IACP’s Leadership Police Organizations courses in 2017. She is also a certified Advanced Force Science Specialist with the Force Science Institute.


Upcoming Programs

Thursday February 6th
Program: Sgt. Amy Wheeler
RMMWA Contact: Margaret Mizushima

Thursday March 12th
Program: Short Story Panel with RT Lawton, Catherine Diltz, Manuel Ramos and Suzanne Proulx (M)
RMMWA Contact: Chris Goff

Thursday April 9th
Program: Mitch Morrisey, Former DA who runs a company solving Cold Cases using DNA
RMMWA Contact: Chris Goff

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