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RMMWA hosts Harriet Hamilton
Deputy Coroner, Summit County CO for
"Death in a Ski Town"
September 11, 2014

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5-8-2013—David Keil, PI Investigations and Strategies
3-13-2014—Kirk Mitchell, Denver Post Columnist on Cold Cases
2-13-2014—Deb Courtney of Courtney Literary and Aaron Brown of Delve Writing on Publicity and Promotion
1-9-2014—Greggory LaBerge, Director of Denver Crime Lab

A few things to crow about:

RMMWA member in Germany, Margi Desmond, just announced that Over My Dead Body! published her short story about social networking obsession, "Going PostAll," in June and recently purchased her story about a suicidal young lady who realizes life is worth living, "Goodbye, Cruel World" O-Dark-Thirty, the literary publication of The Veteran's Writing Project, is scheduled to publish her story about two military wives who visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, "A Visit to Dachau," and a story about the final days before a soldier leaves for the war in Afghanistan in "Deployment." We are impressed!

Maria Kelson announced she has won the Eleanor Taylor Bland Crime Fiction Writers of Color Award, administered by Sisters in Crime. The award, for an unpublished work, supports a writer "in activities related to writing and career development." She began the book in Fall of 2011 and she's attending Sleuthfest 2015 to pitch the book. Way to go and best of luck, Maria. We're all pulling for you!

Mike Befeler announces that his latest in a new series, MYSTERY OF THE DINNER PLAYHOUSE, will be published by Five Star in January, 2015. Way to go, Mike!

RMMWA member, Sara Sue Hoklotubbe announced she's speaking at the 2014 National Book Festival and signing her new book, SINKING SUSPICIONS. A Cherokee tribal citizen, Sara Sue Hoklotubbe's won the 2004 Writer of the Year Award from the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers, the 2012 Willa Literary Award for Original Softcover Fiction by Women Writing the West, the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Award for Best Mystery, and the 2012 Mystery of the Year by the Wordcraft Circle.

Barbara Nickless announced that her entry, WHITE LINE FEVER, is a Finalist for Killer Nashville's Claymore Award, given each year to the best first 50 pages of an unpublished manuscript not currently under contract in the mystery, thriller and suspense genres. Way to go, Barbara. Good Luck!

Twist Phelan is on a roll. After winning the Ellis Award in the short story category for "Footprints in the Water" (Ellery Queen), she has done it again and won the Thriller Award in Short Fiction: Adult/Children category from International Thriller Writers. Way to go, Twist!

And, the 2014 Colorado Book Award in Mystery goes to RMMWA member Manuel Ramos for DESPERADO: A MILE HIGH NOIR (Arte Publico Press)

Catherine Dilts' story "The Last Real Cowboy: a Murder in the Rockies," is featured on the cover of the September issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Way to go, Catherine!

RMMWA member Gerald Elias is having a busy year. He continues to consider future exploits for Daniel Jacobus, but check out his website to find out "what's bearing fruit." You'll find info on magazine articles, concert reviews, op-eds and music. www.geraldelias.com

Mike Befeler is pleased to announcethe release of the third book in his Geezer-lit Mystery Series, SENIOR MOMENTS ARE MURDER, in audio from Books in Motion. Crank up those hearing aids and get to reading!

RMMWA Montana member, Lise McClendon announces her new suspense novel, THE GIRL IN THE EMPTY DRESS, releases in May. The new novel is the sequel to her much-loved mystery, BLACKBIRD FLY. Merle Bennett, middle of five sisters, is back in France celebrating her fiftieth birthday. She's brought her sisters along for a walking tour of the Dordogne. One sister invites a law colleague along who turns out to be annoying and secretive. When this "sixth wheel" finds an injured dog along the road the idyllic summer vacation takes a dark and dangerous turn. Why is everyone after this dog? Merle has to juggle teenagers, sibling bickering, two boyfriends, and the French legal system to find out who the "GIRL IN THE EMPTY DRESS" really is and what she wants.  

Mike Befeler announces that the 6th book in his "Geezer Lit" Mystery Series, NURSING HOMES ARE MURDER, will be released May 21, 2014. The police ask crotchety octogenarian Paul Jacobson to go undercover in a nursing home in Honolulu to assist with investigating a sexual assault. While struggling with the problems of his short-term memory loss, Paul discovers clues to what has now become a murder and deals with the wacky residents and their peculiar personalities. Paul puts all the pieces together and must use all his geezer resources when the killer comes after him.

—or not:

Last night's meeting was punctuated with the kind of drama you expect only at Mystery Writers of America meetings. Laura Manuel gave an educational and entertaining program (she's really funny), then ended the evening with the promised "hands-on with handcuffs" segment. That's when things went bad. Jedeane MacDonald ended up manacled and no one--not even the presenters or R.T. Lawton, trusty retired DEA who carries his own handcuff key, could get her out. It took a field trip to the Firehouse (accompanied by Chris Goff and Christine Joregenson), a half-dozen firefighters and the "jaws of life" to free her. in her own words:

When I got home, I called my son, who lives next door: "Can you come over? Something happened this evening."
He thundered into my house. 
I said, "I had to be rescued tonight."
"Oh, my God, Mom.  What happened?"

The abbreviated version of my story went like this.
"It was all Chris Goff's fault because she snapped the manacle on me.  We ended up at Fire Station No. 1 at Colfax and Speer.  The firemen were skeptical of  three nicely dressed women, one with handcuffs dangling from her wrist, because on Colfax kinky stuff happens."

Of course she elaborated on the efforts of  the hunky firemen to release her from bondage—details about the "Jaws of Death" and the tense moments when her wrist was secured in the vise. What she didn't tell him was that she's up for another reason to be rescued! The one who cut her loose—Whoo Boy!

And we totally forgot to take pictures!

Our RMMWA Meeting reader was Bruce Most, a former freelance writer whose articles appeared in such magazines as Parade, TV Guide, American Way, Popular Science, and Travel & Leisure. He also ghost wrote a self-help book. His previous two novels, published by St. Martin’s Press, were about a bail bondswoman, Ruby Dark, set in Denver: BONDED FOR MURDER and MISSING BONDS. He has the e-rights back. Watch for a relaunch of the titles. His new book is ROPE BURN, featuring big city detective, Nick DeNunzio, who passes through a small Wyoming community and hires on to stop a brutal string of cattle thefts and catch the modern-day rustlers. Check out his new website: http://www.brucewmost.com/

Colorado Authors' League Award winners include:

Rope Burn by Bruce W. Most in the Book Adult Fiction Genre category

“Footprints in Water” by Twist Phelan in the Short fiction: Adult/Children category

Welcome to new member Janie Chodosh. Her first book, DEATH SPIRAL, A Faith Flores Science Mystery came out April 1st from The Poisoned Pencil, the new young adult imprint of The Poisoned Pen. Death Spiral features 16-year-old Faith Flores, tenacious, whip-smart, and real, as she sets out to find the true cause of her mom's death. Congrats!

Mike Befeler has signed a contract with Worldwide Mystery, a Harlequin imprint, for the publication of a paperback edition of the fifth book in his Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery Series, Care Home Are Murder.

Marcia Rowland is happy to announcethe publication of her new novel, ZERO-DEGREE MURDER, the first in a new Search and Rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid, from Putnam Penguin. Congratulations, Marcia! 

THE LAST HEIR, the third installment in Chuck Greaves' Shamus Award, Rocky Award, and Audie Award-finalist series of legal mysteries, will be in bookstores in June of 2014.  When the heir to a California winery empire turns up missing, attorney Jack MacTaggart travels to Napa Valley where he learns the hard way that while blood may be thicker than water, money is a powerful anti-coagulant.

Margi Desmond sold her first first Whodunit, “iMurder,” to the online mystery magazine Over My Dead Body! The story features an obnoxious parent with a smartphone who disrupts a PTA meeting. Once the baked goods run out, so does everyone’s patience. She is also pleased to announce “Goodbye, Poppy” has been accepted for publication by O-Dark-Thirty, the literary journal of the Veterans Writing Project. The story features a woman who travels to see her terminally ill WWII veteran grandfather while her husband is deployed in Afghanistan. Margi is an Army wife from Colorado Springs, who is currently stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. Way to go, Margi!

Lise McClendon is re-launching her suspense Novel, BLACKBIRD FLY, with a new cover in anticipation of the sequel, coming in May. Blackbird Fly was originally published in 2009 and has been an Amazon bestseller. The sequel, The Girl in the Empty Dress, finds Merle again in France, on a walking tour with her four sisters. When the sixth member of their party, an unpleasant, secretive woman, finds an injured dog by the side of the road, their idyllic stroll through the backroads of the Dordogne turns on its head. Watch for it in May!


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